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Lifeworks Enrichment Center (the Muscle Specialist) is a multidisciplinary, holistic, health and wellbeing center, which began as an Akari-Ki Center. It has grown to offer many additional therapies that facilitate healing and balance through the mind, body and spirit.

The Muscle Specialist was founded and named by Kathy Shadrick. Gail Townsend joined with Kathy in the early days of the clinic, when both women focused on the Pfrimmer technique, a deep muscle therapy still offered at the Muscle Specialist today.   

Gail Townsend began her study of holistic healing arts learning massage therapy in 1988, under Ruthann Hobbs (owner, director and chief instructor at the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, the oldest massage therapy school in existence in Indiana). Ruthann is sometimes called the mother of massage therapy in Indiana because she has trained more therapists in this state than anyone else. She personally studied with Terese Pfrimmer, Bernard Jensen, Hildegard Vittlinger, and well-known Osteopath Robert Fulford. It was Ruthann’s studies with Dr. Fulford that piqued Gail’s own interest in osteopathic soft tissue manipulation.

In 2000 Gail began studying CraniosacralTherapy (CST) and SomatoEmotional Release (SER) therapy at the Upledger Institute founded by Osteopath Dr. John Upledger.

Gail is an advanced practitioner and certified therapist. She is mentored by Dr. Chas Perry Ph.D. Dr. Perry lives in New Mexico and teaches advanced CST internationally for the Upledger Institute and is chief therapist for Integrative Intentions. Gail works for Integrative Intentions at their Comprehensive Therapy Programs.

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